Ram Nath Singh Mahavidyalaya (Degree College), Chaial Khas, Kaushambi, Affiliated-Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur Mob: 09415361259, 09956598419















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Ram Nath Singh Mahavidyalaya (Degree College)

Education plays a very important role to be with time in this revolutionary changing era. This College is established not only to give modern education and complete development of Students but also to re-establish Pride, Historical, Cultural, Social, Educational, Religion and Moral History of Allahabad. The objective of establishment of this college is not to provide only degrees to the youngsters but to make them an ornament that can glow on the bases of Nationís Social Economical, Humanity, Cultural and Public Governance values. Who can define Nationís pride and honor? This college foundation is on above-mentioned values.








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